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Don’t know what a blog is? Well, the word ‘blog’ is a combination of the two words ‘web’ and ‘log’, so that makes it a weblog. Well then, you ask, what is a weblog?

 A weblog is a website where people or organizations publish articles or opinions. The act of putting the article on the website is called ‘posting’ and the article is usually referred to as a ‘post’. One often used feature of many blogs is an option for readers of the blog to make a comment about the post. You simply enter your comments in the box and click the submit button. Generally the administrator of the blog will use his or her discretion about actually publishing your comment. If it is accepted it will be approved and will then appear on the website along with the original post. It is possible that the author of the post or other readers may comment on your comment, and in this way a sort of two way communication can result. This is admittedly a rather slow way to communicate, but in the end, the post and all its related comments will be there for others to read.